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TV Stands

Our TV stands are an excellent solution when you want to easily move or adjust the height of a television. Many TV stands have a sleek, stylish design with cords neatly tucked away behind them. Besides the fact that a stand for your television is very easy to use, it also gives your interior a neat look.

A universal TV stand for all TV brands.

Whether you are looking for an LG, Sony or Samsung TV standard, with us you will succeed in most cases. Every TV stand is universal, which means that the brand of your TV doesn't matter. So you do not have to buy an expensive LG, Sony or Samsung TV stand from the brand itself. What do you have to look at when choosing a TV stand?

  • The VESA size
  • The TV format
  • The weight of your TV

The maximum VESA size for each universal TV stand is indicated. The size of your TV is also important to know when choosing a TV stand. For each product it is indicated for which TV format it is suitable. Finally, it is important that you stick to the maximum weight, otherwise the TV base could fall over.

TV floor stand or TV table stand?

Have a look at our extensive range of professional TV floor stands with both stable fixed TV stands and mobile TV floor stands with wheels. Don't have the dexterity or the means to hang up a TV stand? Or do you just prefer to put your TV on the sideboard, then use our TV table stands. A sleek design and sturdy construction ensure that your screen is neatly placed on the cabinet. The advantage of a TV table stand over a TV bracket is that you can easily hide the cables behind the base, without the need for extra cable ducts. If you do not yet have a TV furniture and you want to present other equipment under your TV neatly, take a look at our TV furniture. With the convenient extra shelves you have a nice solution for all your equipment. Prefer to hang your TV tight on the wall? Then choose one of our TV brackets for all brands of televisions.

Mobile TV Stand

If the television has to be moved often over a long distance, a mobile TV is a useful solution. These are often used in schools and in meeting and presentation rooms of companies. With the smooth wheels, you can easily roll the large television and any extra equipment from one room to another. Many mobile TV stands are also height adjustable. If there are a lot of people in the room, you can raise the screen with one simple movement, so that the people in the back of the screen can also see clearly.


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