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Sony TV wall mounts

Are you looking for a new Sony TV or do you already have one? Regardless, if you are looking for a Sony TV wall mount we can help you. There are many reasons to choose a specific wall mount. It can help to save space and it saves you the costs of buying a TV cabinet. Furthermore, it often looks nice and organised. When selecting the right wall mount it is important to know which model Sony TV you have got. This determines the VESA size of the wall mount you need. Usually, the bigger your TV, the bigger the needed VESA standard is.

Features of Sony TV wall mounts

The features of the wall mount are of a major influence on your decision as well. You can choose out of various features:

  • Narrow distance with the wall
  • Swivel
  • Tiltable
  • Swivel and tiltable

Below you will find the TV Wall mounts suitable for all Sony TVs. Use the filter options on the left side to select a fitting wall mount.