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Samsung TV wall mounts

Have you bought a new Samsung TV or are you looking for a wall mount for your current Samsung TV? We have selected the best wall mounts perfect for Samsung TVs. You will find our finest selection below. They come in a variety of features as swivel, tiltable and wall mounts with extra long arms. If you place your order before 4PM, you will get your wall mount delivered within 2-4 days. Our wall mounts won’t let you down!

Which wall mount will fit my Samsung TV?

It is important to choose the right wall mount for your Samsung TV. The TV bracket finder will help you choose the right wall mount that suits your needs best. You can easily and quickly find the right wall mount for your TV by selecting the right size of your TV. Not every wall mount is large enough to fit your new 55” Samsung TV. After selecting your TV size you can select the VESA standard of your TV. The VESA Standard defines the distance in millimeters between the four mounting holes on the back of a TV. You can often find it in your TV’s instruction manual, but you can easily measure this yourself or Google it as well. If you do not select the appropriate VESA standard, chances are your TV will not fit the wall mount.